Soft Skills

Soft skills are not usually taught at university or college.

But in a work scenario, they sit hand in glove with work skills - and they’re often what enables you to go about your role effectively.

For example, the ability to develop an IT programme: it’s a job skill. Managing the communication and people aspects of such programme: more of a soft skill.

It is possible to learn soft skills and this is where we come in.

You can learn in a classroom setting where you have the opportunity to practice “HOW” to do things. You can also learn about soft skills in online programmes.

Practice is very important, especially the soft skills valued by your business manager or boss.

Team-working and communication are probably the most sought-after soft skills by employers.

Being able to demonstrate your understanding and your capability around soft skills is something which employers look for in the interview process.

However, employers will look for other kinds of soft skills. During the interview process or the personal development sessions on the job, what they look for will link specifically to the role they expect you to fulfil.

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