Pipe Fitter is a specialized occupation in the engineering construction industry.

It relates to positioning, assembling, fabricating, maintaining, and repairing piping systems.

Piping systems may carry water, steam, chemicals, or fuel to be used in cooling, heating, lubricating and other processes.

The piping can vary in bore and material type, depending on the fluid it is designed to carry and the operating pressures of these systems.

The system requirements also determine the method of jointing within the piping system, ranging from threaded and bolted solutions to more permanent welded joints.

The Pipe Fitter must have sound knowledge, understanding, and application of techniques and equipment.

They must ensure the integrity of the joints. They are also required to assist in the design and specification of new piping systems and their layout, providing technical advice on:
• Material selection
• Pipe stress analysis
• Piping material line classes
• Standard and specialty piping components
• Pressure and piping support systems

Due to the specialized and dangerous nature of the work involved, Pipe Fitter requires extensive training initially at a training center and then through a period of consolidation in a work environment.

We deliver a range of Pipe Fitter training courses to support you in maintaining a high level of knowledge and competency.

Ascending offers ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) certification to suit your competency requirements for meeting industry standards.


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