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Who we are


The leaders of our team have over 20 years of experience operating in Africa. Meet them.

Local Content
In each of the countries in which it operates, national shareholding always represents the majority shareholding stake.

Company held by its people
10% of shareholding held by a workers fund.

National workforces
95% national workforces, striving always to find the best and most competent champions in the market to build its workforce.

We are your
new HR

Customized solutions
to get the job done.

An HR Specialist Group with strategical and operational offers that add value to our clients.

Under various brand names, in November 2017, through an MBO, Ascending, without losing the years of accumulated experience or the systems that supported it, became independent and started its activity as a local company in the countries where it operates.


A team with different backgrounds and a lot of experience on this area. Ready to take on any challenge their clients might have for us. Scroll down to get to know us a little better.

Andrew Schnitzer da Silva ceo Know more
Andrew Schnitzer da Silva ceo

Management Expert with over 15 years experience working in African Countries. With a consulting background having worked in Oil&Gas and Mining Sectors, with clients such as Sonangol, Galp, Chevron, Alrosa, Mota Engil, ICVL, Twigg, his strengths are in Human Resource Development, Change Management, Negotiation and Commercial areas. Working in the Workforce Management and Training world for the past seven years, he was Regional Executive Manager for the past couple of years for Angola, Mozambique and Tanzania and lead the Management Buy Out process that guaranteed the creation of Ascending.

Nuno Costa de Teves Angola General Manager Know more
Nuno Costa de Teves Angola General Manager

Engineering background with over 12 years experience in Angola. After graduating from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, he started working with MotaEngil and quickly was involved in one of its biggest projects, the Luo Mine. His past experience covers areas like Road and Bridge Construction/Supervising as well as Infrastructure Construction and Supervising. He is also a holder of an ATPL Pilot’s License obtained in the US. He has brought Engineering and Aviation’s principles into the HR world where he has been Country Manager for the last couple of years. At Ascending he will be accumulating these functions with the mandate to improve our Technical Support Systems and our Quality and Compliance Department in all the countries where we operate.