Technical Training

Certified, hands-on, on-the-job training. No time or money wasted. The way we see it, this is the only kind of acceptable training for your personnel.

We are the only ECITB Certified Training Institution in Mozambique - where we built, manage and operate 3 training centers.

We provide technical, soft skills and custom-tailored training, as well as work readiness and competency assurance programs nationwide.

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A dynamic instruction to help employees in different stages becoming immediately effective.

Valuable competencies like team-working and communication that enable people to work effectively.

The basic principles to extinguish fires can prevent major accidents that cost millions.

For rapid intervention and quick stabilization of severe or life-threatening trauma or illness.

The industry-recognized ECITB International Health & Safety Passport (IHSP).

We developed this practical course for people working in specific industries and sectors.

How to enter, work, exit, and respond quickly to hazards in risky confined spaces.

Appropriate not just for scaffolding and construction but for a range of industries. ECITB certified.

Hands-on, safety-oriented, and industry-recognized Courses.

Extensive, specialized, and ECITB certified Courses.