2nd Mate/SDPO


2nd Mate/SDPO with Experience in Well Estimulation Vessel

Is Conversant with the vessel DP system, including its functions, the manuals and procedures. 

Aware of the DP Plan Maintenance, current status (due and overdue tasks) and the defect history.

Must report to the Master any discrepancy linked to the above.

Receive and provide necessary written instructions from and to the others back to back DPO.

Communicate and report to the Master any deficiency, incident or event that may potentially impact the vessel DP operations.

Fill up all mandatory documents, checklists and logbooks related to the DP operations

Organize DP emergency response trainings to ensure proper reaction of DPO in case of DP real emergencies.

Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all tasks.

Note: At least 24 months of experience in well stimulation vessel is Mandatory

Reports to: Master

Interfaces: Senior DPO/ Junior DPO/ Engineers



When so, his mission is to maneuver the vessel in DP following the overall ship’s command, the operations expectations and Company requirements within the vessel safe capabilities and system limits., Familiar with MAK Engines and DP Kongsberg

Competence / Certification:

1. Avanced Fire Fighting,2. Basic Safety Training - BST,3. COC,4. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - HUET,5. Medical Certificate,6. Medical First Aid,7. Seaman book,8. Ship Especific Familiarization,9. Ship Security Awareness - STCW,10. Survival Craft and Rescue Boat


1. English


Southern Africa

Years of experience: