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How we work


Specialized solutions for workforce challenges.

We cover a wide range of competences to help you get the job done. We do Legal Counselling, bureaucratic management and handle every detail your company needs.

We have two Training Centres in Pemba and Maputo in Mozambique fully equipped to prepare artisans in Welding, Electrical, Electronics, Rigging, Boiler making, Mechanical and Scaffolding Trades; and one Training Centre in Palma for Hospitality Training.

We add value to our clients through systematic reporting, productivity analysis, labour negotiations, query resolution, employee benefits, tax reports and financial reporting.

  • Transparent Processes.
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption Certifications.
  • Independent Audits to Delivery.
  • Internal Compliance Structure.
  • ISO 9000 Implemented.
  • MQA and MERSETA Standards in Training.
  • Undergoing ECITB Certifications.
  • MLC Compliant.
  • PPP with Mozambican Government.
  • President of General Assembly at AMEPP.
  • Part of Economic Forums.
  • Partner to Business Associations.
  • Preferred Manpower Supplier to Oil Rigs.
  • International Training Partner of Choice.
  • True Local Management Structures.
  • Company Owned by its people.

Trustworthy services that warrant law compliance and a reliable team on location.

Flights, land travel, hotels, catering or anything your staff may need, we can provide. We do full sourcing of expat workforces and visas management, as well as headhunting or bulk recruitment.

We can also run your payroll and provide you detailed payslips, bank transfer files and reporting on tax payments.

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