Exclusive Interview at Mozambique Energy Summit


15 Nov 2022

Exclusive Interview at Mozambique Energy Summit

During September we participated in the Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit & Exhibition where Philip Schnitzer da Silva, Partner and Head of Business Development, was one of the speakers.

Ascending Academy being a benchmark in Mozambique, Philip spoke about the importance of a long-term sustainable career as an “investment in today’s talent to nurture tomorrow’s leaders” – the theme of the conference session he attended.


Also in an exclusive interview, Philip shared his insights from his experience of the past 10 years in Mozambique and Ascending’s activity over the last 5: “The Mozambicans are willing and very eager. And when we put them in international settings it’s surprising for those who aren’t aware. For us, it gives great pride and joy to see how competent and how good Mozambicans are when given a chance.”


Watch the full interview at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag-BG6k3c2U