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11.Jun.2020 Visit our new recruitment platform and get noticed.
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9.Jun.2020 SOUND THE HORN !
Three figures which remind us how important our shipping industry is.

It is 90% of the goods in the world which are transported by sea. This demonstrates the pivotal role our seafarers play.

Approximately 150 000  seafarers are currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still at work, they cannot disembark and join their family, or embark and join their job. Their job is quite unique. They cannot stop. They will never stop.

So, this 1st May, all seafarers and workers at sea, so called our HEROES AT SEA, were honored for the work they are doing and specially in these particular hard times.


Following an intense 6-month process, which included certification visits to  Ascending worksites and training centers across Africa, Ascending is proud to announce that it has successfully obtained its ISO 9001 global group certification in Africa and Europe.

This certification guarantees that Ascending internal practices are internationally recognized in the three countries in which it operates, through the International Certification Body Bureau Veritas Angola and accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) through certificate nº AFR.20.00063/U.

Ascending Group Certification Scope is wide covering the activities and services provided to our clients namely:

Selection, Recruitment, Temporary Employment, Salary Processing, Personnel Management, and Specialized Vocational Training Services.

Committed to continuous organizational improvement and the provision of services in a sustained and continuous manner, we are now focused on the implementation of the standards ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems and ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems.

These certifications added to those achieved recently under ECITB (Engineering Construction Training Board) attest to Ascending’s continual commitment to its core values. In this sense we continue to take a decisive step forward in terms rigor and ethics, but also cooperation and ambition.

Furthermore it signals Ascending’s unwavering commitment to take one step further towards its goal: Improving Lives and Organizations.


Today we interview Nuno Costa de Teves, Ascending Co-founder and Executive Director for Angola.

What do you like most at Ascending?

The character of the people that work with us daily, who share the common goal of improving lives and organizations, which makes us more purposeful and effective. The set of different personalities, cultures and competencies that exists within our teams is also worth to note, and something I am grateful for.

If you could change something at ascending, what would it be?

I wish we were  already able to offer training and employment to every candidate that reaches out to us seeking for an opportunity

What do you foresee for Ascending’s future?

To continue on this ascensory path of internal and external growth and optimization, with a view to delivering the quickest, simpler and flexible solutions, both to companies that partner with us to better face the different challenges posed, as well as, the professionals that look to grow, learn and seek the opportunity to do what they love most.

How do you see Ascending in 10 years time?

I see Ascending as the ideal partner for all companies and professionals that wish to build a better world, from people’s homes, all the way to the companies they serve daily

What is the secret to being a valued professional?

I believe that the easier and quicker route to becoming a valued professional, is to take pleasure from what one does, and to try to improve and be better every day, not only for one self, but also for others.

What was your biggest challenge since you entered Ascending?

To incorporate all the knowledge I had acquired previously in Engineering or Aviation making it relevant to the world of Human Resources.

What would be your recommendations for new colleagues?

Always be open to learning. Do not cease to perfect one’s abilities, nor exclude the possibility of attaining new skill-sets. The future that you look to conquer, will be a result of the present you were able to build.

Ascending Bet on "Local Content"

24.Jul.2018 Ascending Bet on "Local Content"
ASCENDING Mozambique, a company dedicated to the management of training centres, professional technical training, recruitment and temporary work, which results from the acquisition of CAPITAL OUTSOURCING GROUP, previously owned by South African group ADCORP, will invest 180,000,000.00Mts in the next 3 years to boost professional technical training, with emphasis on specialties related to the exploitation of natural resources.

With the experience accumulated since 2008, first as the CAPITAL, and now as Ascending, the company has provided for strategic investments, in order to be prepared for the present and future challenges of the Mozambican economy and the increasingdemand for qualified national labour.

The desire to acquire the company emerge from the local managers, realizing that there was a clear process of disinvestment by ADCORP in Mozambique, in counter cyclewith the opportunities of growth in the country. "This is a big step for us, because not only gave greater motivation, belief, stability and confidence to the team, but we also consider that it will contribute to consolidate the previous investments made by the company, such as the creation of a Vocational Technical Training Centre in Pemba under a Memorandum of Agreement signed with IFLELAC, and above all, allow strategic and operational decisions to be made locally, with a "Mozambican accent", said Nelson Costa, representative of the company's majority shareholder and Chief Financial Officer of ASCENDING.

ASCENDING will shortly launch, in partnership with IFPELAC, in the training centreof Pemba, inaugurated by His Excellency the President of the Republic Filipe Jacinto Nyusi in 2016, several innovative training courses aimed at young Mozambicans who want to obtain key qualifications for entry into the labour market, in particular on the exploration of hydrocarbons and mining.

For Hilário Cumbe, that accumulates more than 10 years of international experience in the area of professional training for Oil and Gas and Technical Director of the ASCENDING Pemba Training Centre, "The responsibility lies with us as trainers of Mozambican staff is huge, because on the one hand we need to ensure that the local content plans are completed, without ever undermining the commitment to the quality that Multinational companies must follow and to comply with duly certified international standards. " Hilário Cumbe, Mozambican, said that "there is an urgentneed to establish partnerships with commercial operators and relevant institutional entities in order to align curriculum's with market needs."

ASCENDING plans to invest 180,000,000.00 Mts in the next 3 years to strengthen and improve the installed capacity in vocational training centres under its management. "The investments are in accordance with the 4 key vectors for ASCENDING's success: Ethics, Rigour, Cooperation and Ambition. Ethics in the form and the company, Accuracy in commitment to the results of our customers and trainees, Cooperation in institutional relations with our public and private partners and with the renewed ambition to be a relevant company in the area of training and in Labour Force Management, "Nelson Costa says.

Currently, Ascending, manages the Pemba training centres under a memorandum of understanding with IFPELAC of the Boane centre, MATC. In 2018, about 1800 young Mozambicans were trained and inserted in the labour market, between 20 and 32 years old, and considers that there is great potential for growth.

Philip Schnitzer, Commercial Director of ASCENDING, affirms that "Mozambique has a predominantly young population, and training and technical vocational education are essential to ensure that young Mozambicans, duly trained and internationally qualified, have access to the jobs to be created with the start of projects soon. I believe that better mutual understanding and cooperation, recognition of real needs vs. real capacity, greater interaction and communication between the public sectors and training companies and multinationals are key aspects for curricula delivered at existing training centres in the country can contribute positively to the enrichment of young people and to the technical capacity of the country, and Ascending intends to be a strategic partner in this regard. "

In: “Canal de Moçambique”