An Interview with Philip Schnitzer da Silva


21 Apr 2022

An Interview with Philip Schnitzer da Silva

Our Partner and Head of Academy, Phillip Schnitzer da Silva, shares his thoughts about Ascending’s 5-year journey and what the future holds for Training and Workforce Management.

How would you describe these 5 years of Ascending Academy?

Exciting years above all. Growth through challenges. Growth In terms of projects and industries we serve, and challenging as we had 4 massive crisis: Oil price slump, followed by 2 cyclones, followed by Covid and a terrorist attack!

Throughout all this we managed to maintain and grow our team as well as adapt and proactively respond to market needs.

What are the big challenges for the next 5 years?

I believe there are a few: Out of the digitalization of training, many companies are trying to do more with less. It is important that the clients and the certifying powers are vigilant so that training quality does not decline.  

Another challenge lies with our expansion in terms of industries and geographies we serve. I believe we should keep on pursuing partnerships in order to grow and expand the academy internationally.

How does Ascending Academy relate to social sustainability in Mozambique?

Ascending has been at the forefront, contributing with training for disadvantaged youth, certifying and providing internship programs along its partners. Furthermore we have contributed with activities via our Corporate Social Responsibility programs to ensure that youth from orphanages or social centers can be trained, certified and employed free of charge.

How do you see Training and Workforce Management being delivered together by Ascending? What’s the value added? 

It’s a holistic approach to people’s careers. By working together we can provide a much higher value to our client as a trained employee is a motivated employee. This means that not only are we providing a needed workforce service, but also increasing value for clients as the employee over time grows within the organization via training. The perfect example for this is the career path system.

Can you name a good memory from the years you worked at Ascending?

All best memories are related to the success one sees as a consequence of training. Trainees who contributed to electrifying Beira after cyclone Kenneth, disadvantaged youth being internationally certified, or Women trainees which after training and internships, have increased their salary by 800% over 2 years being now valid employees with a solid career ahead of them.


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